New EP “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now

The new EP called “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now.

Press text:

„2016“ brings up the most different memories in all of us: it’s been an exciting ride full of up and downs. Viennese Multiinstrumentalist “Milchstrasse” dropped his acoustic take on this most ambivalent year at its most latter point – on December 31st and not without intention: His EP is dedicated to the calm after the storm, to the seconds in between thunder and lightning, moments of sobriety and tranquil. Within those moments of melancholia he finds his own approach between poppy up-beat, sanguine post-rock and eccentric ambient arrangements to send us off, with the most important of feelings: “We’ll all end up well”.

Links :

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on Spotify

Milchstrasse on Bandcamp

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on iTunes

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on Amazon


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Press Pic -> “2016” EP Cover

milchstrasse 2016 ep cover press pic



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Cuticula – Electronic Press Kit

On this EPK site you can find all information about our Artist Cuticula.


Vienna based producer Cuticula is a multiinstrumentalist and songwriter making beats and pieces largely inspired by hip hop, electronica and the modern mutations and offshoots from the forms from early 90s hip-hop. Key influences on production are artists like Rza, DJ Premier, Timbaland, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada, Autechre and more recently the hyperactive nature of trap music. Not sticking to anything formulaic Cuticula likes to create eerie moods and brings a kind of dark ambience to his pieces. Having played live supporting electronic artists such as D.R.U.G.S, Becoming Real, Fuckhead and various international techno Djs in clubs in Vienna like Few Nolder with his side project, the live electronica group Metaxis has brought him live skills and programming abilities. Delving into the world of soundtracks by creating the soundtrack for the short film „Monologue“ has brought him closer to an idea of where he wants to place his more reflective music but he is equally comfortable in the club environment making twisted bangers for heads to step to.

Foglands EP

The lead track “Foglands” is an eerie drum work out with a cold ambience, utilising trap style snappy drums that falter and stall combined with an echoey baseline consisting of mystical monk chants, this roils and boils to make an unnerving instrumental piece.
The second track “Struck” is a more upbeat affair with rushy lead synths embedded in a greasy sawtooth bedding accompanied by heavy slow trap beats.
“Yellow” ups the ante again with drum rolls and electro bass combined in sometimes unorthodox ways with some old skool newsreel samples.
“Stumble”, the closer for the EP brings some melancholic chords in to introduce this soft ambient piece with paper thin phased out looping rusty drums. The track evolves with abrupt changes and energetic drums. The ecstatic piano at the end leaves a lasting impression and ends on a very positive feeling.

Download Foglands EP (320kbps MP3s)

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“Foglands” EP by Cuticula
digital release worldwide, all major platforms
30th of July 2014

Flaredust Records FR-EP002
Tracks: 1. Foglands, 2. Struck, 3. Yellow, 4. Stumble


Foglands – Track 1 from Foglands EP (September 2014)


Cover Art – Foglands EP

cuticula ep catalouge



Cuticula – live



Foglands EP – September 2014 (Flaredust Records)

The Remixxxes EP – April 2011 (Bandcamp)

Some old bullsh​+​+ EP – January 2009 (Bandcamp)


Cash rules – Dezember 2014 (Beatmaker Sessions Compilation 3)

You don’t care – December 2012 (Beatmaker Sessions Compilation 1)

Live Shows


June 2015 – new EP presentation at Maschinenraum xx at DasWerk (Vienna)


28.09.2013 Metaxis DJ-Set at Pavlov’s Dogs Magazine Night at Rhiz (Vienna)

17.08.2013 Iron Skills Live at Maschinenraum#6 at dasWerk (Vienna)

23.01.2013 Iron Skills Live at Beatmaker Sessions feat. Monophobe at Fluc (Vienna)

12.09.2012 Cuticula Live at Beatmaker Sessions feat. Szenario at Fluc (Vienna)

22.02.2012 Metaxis Live at Beatmaker Sessions feat. LBS at Fluc (Vienna)

27.12.2011 Metaxis Live at KLUB DER MASCHINEN feat. Mussurunga at Fluc Wanne (Vienna)

27.01.2011 Mextaxis Live at TBA Love Club feat. D/R/U/G/S and Becoming Real at Market (Vienna)

26.11.2010  Metaxis Live at Klub Kariert feat. Few Nolder at Fluc Wanne (Vienna)


Cuticula – Foglands – Music Video:

Cuticula official Website:

Cuticula on Facebook:

Cuticula on Twitter:



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Milchstrasse – 2016 EP out now

New EP “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now

The new EP called “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now on Flaredust Records

„2016“ brings up the most different memories in all of us: it’s been an exciting ride full of up and downs.
Viennese Multiinstrumentalist “Milchstrasse” dropped his acoustic take on this most ambivalent year at its most latter point
– on December 31st and not without intention: His EP is dedicated to the calm after the storm, to the seconds in between
thunder and lightning, moments of sobriety and tranquil. Within those moments of melancholia he finds
his own approach between poppy up-beat, sanguine post-rock and eccentric ambient arrangements to send us off,
with the most important of feelings: “We’ll all end up well”.

Links :

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on Spotify

Milchstrasse on Bandcamp

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on iTunes

Milchstrasse “2016” EP on Amazon



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Press Pic -> “2016” EP Cover by Milchstrasse

milchstrasse 2016 ep cover press pic

Blog music video

Shylock Nerd – Money – new video out now

New video by Shylock Nerd out now for the song “money” taken form the EP one.

Blog Video

Cuticula – mono hipkit73 new video out now

We present to you a pretty intense new track by Cuticula called mono hipkit73. The track is a forgotten treasure recently discovered again. Video production by Cuticula & Flaredust Records to make this track, which is the outcome of a spontaneous jam session on an Elektron Monomachine, shine 🙂
Enjoy the lush electronica soundscapes with plenty of know twisting madness.


Cuticula – stract ab EP out now

Blog Video

New video by Cuticula – stumble

New video for the 4th song of the Foglands EP – stumble

blurry headlight visions – recorded in an (almost) one take shot while driving by night trough rainy vienna.
You can listen to the other 3 songs of the EP / or download it on Bandcamp / spotify / itunes …


New Video by Cuticula – Shadows & Flares

Cuticula – Shadows & Flares

Flaredust records the Vienna underground music record label presents

Cuticula about the Video:

A bit of a experimental video I made with the leftover material from the “foglands ep” shooting, plus some music I composed for it. It has some Carpenter vibe in it.


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So we finally made it

I took me quite a while to relaunch the website, but here it is in full swing. If you wanna stay in the loop, sign up for the newsletter. We will look out for interesting new artists in the next month and try to get as much fresh music on our label as humanly possible (for a fultime working guy like me, doing this music thing as a hobby)