Milchstrasse – 2016 EP out now

New EP “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now

The new EP called “2016” by indie-tronica/post-rock artist Milchstrasse is out now on Flaredust Records

„2016“ brings up the most different memories in all of us: it’s been an exciting ride full of up and downs.
Viennese Multiinstrumentalist “Milchstrasse” dropped his acoustic take on this most ambivalent year at its most latter point
– on December 31st and not without intention: His EP is dedicated to the calm after the storm, to the seconds in between
thunder and lightning, moments of sobriety and tranquil. Within those moments of melancholia he finds
his own approach between poppy up-beat, sanguine post-rock and eccentric ambient arrangements to send us off,
with the most important of feelings: “We’ll all end up well”.

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Press Pic -> “2016” EP Cover by Milchstrasse

milchstrasse 2016 ep cover press pic